Kylie Jenner sparks outrage with 'bipolar' joke about hair

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Kylie Jenner has sparked controversy with a joke about being “bipolar.”

On Wednesday, the 16-year-old reality TV star posted a picture on Twitter (see right), writing:

The comment did not sit well with observers who thought Jenner was too casual and flippant regarding a very serious mental illness.

One Twitter user wrote, “Kylie Jenner just tweeted ‘I miss my black hair I’m so Bipolar:(‘. No, you’re not ‘so Bipolar’, you’re indecisive…and a moron.”

Another tweeted, “Kylie Jenner with her ‘i’m bipolar’ makes me sick.”

“That was 100% the dumbest and most ignorant use of the word bipolar,” noted a third commenter.

Jenner herself has not responded to her critics.


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